False Patent Marking After ‘BP Lubricants’

“The practical consequences of this ruling are hard to exaggerate. No longer will creative lawyering with conclusory allegations surmount the hurdle of Rule 9(b) pleading requirement in the absence of objective, cognizable facts, alleged with the particularity that Rule 9(b) demands. This decision settles a split in the district courts as to whether Rule 9(b)… Read more »

Conflict Minerals and the Dodd-Frank Act: Long-Distance Accountability?

As recently reported in Fast Company, the SEC has proposed a Dodd-Frank Act provision that requires public companies to “disclose if and how they are involved in the manufacture, mining, or final-end use of conflict minerals.” An important regulation, and here’s why, from the Fast Company coverage: Halfway around the world, human rights atrocities are too… Read more »