Intellectual Property Insurance: A Resource List

Learn what lawyers on JD Supra are writing about the nature and benefits of insuring your intellectual property.

IP Insurance- What IP Attorneys Need to Know (Maureen Veterano)

An introduction to IP insurance coverage and overview of the policies currently available. Read more »

Opportunities for Insurance Coverage in Intellectual Property Disputes (Loeb & Loeb LLP)

“In this article, author Peter Selvin discusses opportunities for insurance coverage in disputes involving intellectual property. He identifies several recent cases, which have underscored that coverage opportunities are available, particularly under general liability (CGL) and directors and officers (D&O) policies in a variety of intellectual property contexts, including patent infringement claims, claims of intellectual property theft or misappropriation of trade secrets, and violations of right of privacy.” Read more »

Protecting Your Intellectual Property With Litigation Insurance (McAfee & Taft)

“The cost of attorneys’ fees and expenses, including experts, can deter or preclude the ability to engage in intellectual property litigation for many businesses. If a defendant loses a claim of infringement, it can also be subject to a substantial damage award. In the case of aa findingof willful infringement, treble or punitive damages may be awarded. In some cases, attorneys’ fees can be awarded by the court to the winner.” Read more »

Dangerous Delusions- Do It Yourself, or Don’t (Daniel Kegan)

“This article discusses the four main areas of intellectual property—trademark, copyright, patent, and trade secrets—as well as corporate, contract, insurance, and litigation matters, and offers some tips for those who lean toward Do-It-Yourself (“DIY”).” Read more »

The Most Neglected Business Assets (Richard Stevens)

“Business people take great care to protect their business assets – from securing property insurance to promoting workplace safety. But many business people mishandle, or worse, ignore some of their most valuable business assets— intellectual property…Unfortunately, this neglect can prove to be very costly in terms of lost opportunities or resources spent on resolving disputes. The good news is that a bit of sound legal planning can help prevent many of the problems related to intellectual property loss, misuse, or infringement.” Read more »

Packaging in the New World – Sustainability & Intellectual Property (Raheel Daureeawo)

“IPPS: Insurance- This is the future of the Packaging World. Millions of dollars are spent in research and millions more on protecting and enforcing the product. Intellectual property insurance will be the next evolutionary chain of events. After the IPPS process it is the only means to confirm cost effectiveness in the later stages.” Read more »