Canada To Implement Harshest Anti-Spam Law in the G-8 – What You Need to Know

[Link: What you need to know about Canada’s new Anti-Spam Law (CASL)]

From attorneys at Bennett Jones, a look at Canada’s new anti-spam law, which applies to anyone who sends email into Canada. Key takeaways:

  • The law prohibits any commercial message – text, sound, video, image that seeks to promote a business or relationship – sent without prior consent from the recipient
  • It also applies to the installation of software on the user’s computer, whether spyware, malware or software used for legitimate business purposes
  • Violators can be fined up to CA$10 million ($1 million for individuals)

Watch the video above for more on how to prepare for the law, which goes into effect on July 1, 2014, then go deeper on the CASL below:

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