FCPA Lessons from Thomas Fox

We’re looking forward to reading the recently published Lessons Learned on Compliance and Ethics: The Best from the FCPA Compliance and Ethics Blog, written by FCPA lawyer (and regular JD Supra contributor) Thomas Fox. Here’s an excerpt: 

“It cannot be emphasized too strongly that the Bribery Act is significantly stronger than the FCPA… All the offences apply to behavior taking place either inside the UK, or outside it provided the person has a ‘close connection’ with the UK: … if they were, at the relevant time, among other things, a British citizen, an individual ordinarily resident in the UK, or a body incorporated under the law of any part of the UK. Many internationally focused US companies have offices in the UK or employ UK citizens in their worldwide operations. This legislation could open them to prosecution in the UK under a law similar to, but stronger than, the relevant US legislation.”

Fox has made the book’s fourth chapter, “Summing It All Up,” available for download here. Better yet, you can get your own copy at Amazon. Happy reading!