JD Supra Corporate Brief: Cyber Attacks, Business Crime, Patent Trolls, India Investments

Taxation without representation: on November 1, 1765, the British Parliament enacts the Stamp Tax on the colonies to help pay the costs of keeping British soldiers in North America.

Are millennials as hard to manage as conventional wisdom may claim? (John Baum at Hirschfeld Kraemer)

The SEC plans to be more “aggressive and creative” in enforcing the country’s securities laws… (Brittany Brown at Holland & Knight)

Is your company prepared to respond to a cyberattack or data breach? (Bill Cobb and Irma Jacobson at Jackson Walker)

If you do business in Latin America, here’s your guide to business crime in the region… (Carlos Gonzalez at Diaz Reus)

K visa, Q visa, S visa, R visa (and more): just who’s authorized to work in the US, anyway? (Jasmine Majid at Phillips Murrah)

Senator Orrin Hatch just introduced another piece of legislation to combat the perceived patent troll problem… (Andrew Williams at MBHB)

Hire American expats in the Far East? Make sure you’re doing it right… (Hartnett, Smith & Paetkau)

Turns out the FCPA still counts even when the person you’re bribing isn’t a government official… (David Smyth of Brooks Pierce)

Is India becoming more or less safe for foreign investors? (Stephen Weertz at DLA Piper)

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