JD Supra Corporate Brief: Gross Negligence, Reasonable Royalties, IP Theft, OSHA Inspections

Large coffee: $2.50. Cherry Danish: $1.75. JD Supra Corporate Brief: priceless…

The judge in the recently concluded BP oil spill litigation has asked all parties to discuss gross negligence by one of the responsible parties. And that could make any damages a lot more expensive… (King, Krebs & Jurgens)

The SEC recently granted Pfizer’s officers and directors no-action relief from Regulation BTR – with conditions… (Leonard, Street and Deinard)

If you don’t set a reasonable royalty on standard essential patents, the courts would be happy to do it for you – but you may not like the result… (Sheppard Mullin)

Does the oil & gas industry pay less than its fair share of taxes? Not according to the American Petroleum Institute. But that could change… (Looper Reed)

The Commission on the Theft of American Intellectual Property calls IP theft “one of the most pressing issues of economic and national security facing” the US (Orrick)

In this story, the wolf is played by a union representative, and the door opens to an OSHA inspection… (Miller & Martin)

China leads the world in trademark applications. Who’s next? (Gray Plant Mooty)

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