JD Supra Corporate Brief: Iran Sanctions, E-Communications Policies, UK Fracking, Union Elections

Our cure for the Monday morning blues? Two shots of espresso and the JD Supra Corporate Brief…

Let’s be clear on this point: Iran is NOT open for business… (Amanda Blunt, Carrie Kroll, and Lindsay Meyer at Venable)

More than 80% of business correspondence takes place via email. And that creates a lot of risk for businesses… (WeComply)

The UK is considering a change to trespassing laws that would encourage more widespread fracking in the country… (Lewis Jones, David Waldron, and Adam Wallin at Morgan Lewis)

Here’s a look at insurance industry trends to watch in 2014… (Sutherland)

Time for a quickie? The NLRB just re-introduced its election rules… (Corporate Law Report)

Here’s a great resource for multinationals: an employment law checklist for international outsourcing and offshoring… (Donald Dowling at White & Case)

The FTC wants to stir up competition from generic drug makers in the biologics marketplace… (Shearman & Sterling)

What’s new in US-China trade relations? Quite a bit, actually… (Bill Perry at Dorsey & Whitney)

Sorry, Elvis: hospitals do need to think twice before acquiring physician practices… (Conor McNally, Jenna Shedd, and Lawrence Tabas at Obermayer)

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