JD Supra Corporate Brief: Obesity Claims, Stock Options, HIPAA Rules, China Compliance

August 6, 1965: President Lyndon Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act into law. 48 years later, in Shelby County v. Holder, the US Supreme Court struck down as unconstitutional a key section of the Act, the formula used to determine which jurisdictions were required to obtain approval before changing voting laws.

Nine insurance groups have just been named “Global Systemically Important Insurers” by the Financial Stability Board… (Duane Morris)

Obesity-related workplace discrimination claims are likely to become more common… (Poyner Spruill)

What keeps international business executives up at night? (Reed Smith)

Struggling to set the exercise price of employee stock options? This will help… (Foley & Lardner)

The FTC just updated the FAQs on its first major update to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (Davis Wright Tremaine)

Can a board pursue a single-bidder sale of the company and at the same time fulfill its duty of securing the best possible value for shareholders? (Orrick)

New HIPAA rules for covered entities, business associates, and their subcontractors go into effect on September 23… (Saul Ewing)

Every multinational active in China needs to re-examine and improve its compliance program, beginning right now… (Michael Volkov)

According to the General Accounting Office, piracy and counterfeiting have significantly slowed economic growth in the US… (King & Spalding)

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