JD Supra Corporate Brief: Recess Appointments, Chinese Auditors, Meaningful Use, Utility Patents

Don’t forget: the JD Supra Corporate Brief is the most important meal of the day (and we won’t say a word if you come back for seconds)!

Does this new court of appeals ruling put another nail in the recess-appointed NLRB’s coffin? (KMTG)

China just agreed to allow US investigators greater access to work papers held by Chinese audit firms (Cadwalader)

The Marketplace Fairness Act appears unlikely to become law. But it signals a growing push to raise state tax revenues all the same… (Jeff Ifrah)

Worried about a CMS Meaningful Use audit of your electronic health records practices? (Dinsmore)

Struggling to keep up with the patchwork of state laws on employee social media passwords and privacy? This will help (Littler)

The rules for prosecuting utility patent applications in the US are about to change (Womble Carlyle)

Think all managers are exempt employees? You might want to double check that… (Hopkins & Carley)

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