JD Supra Corporate Brief: Sleeping Employees, First Amendment, Automated Trading, Religious Accommodation

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Can an employer fire a worker who falls asleep on the job? The answer might surprise you… (Duane Morris)

California’s “Do Not Track” law goes into effect in two weeks. Are you ready? (Proskauer)

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act does not violate the First Amendment – not in the Fourth Circuit, anyway… (Jeff Ifrah)

The CFTC just issued a “concept release” on risk controls and safeguards for automated trading systems… (Katten)

Two recent lawsuits remind employers to handle requests for religious accommodation with care… (Poyner Spruill)

There’s a fine line between using customer data and invading consumer privacy… (MoFo Tech)

Here’s something to watch: the developing circuit split on the legality of Internet streaming services… (Foley Hoag)

Washington is abuzz with cybersecurity-related activity… (Patton Boggs)

You say tomato, I say tomahto – actually, we’re both saying Basel III, but it means different things in the US and in Europe… (Shearman & Sterling)

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