JD Supra Corporate Brief: Tax Reforms, Electronic Evidence, Office Romance, US Sanctions

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Senate Finance Committee publishes 19 pages of potential tax reforms for tax-exempt organizations (Venable)

Unexpected FATCA delay gives foreign banks an additional six months to comply… (Pepper Hamilton)

Trying to gather electronic evidence from employee laptops, online services, and cell phone providers? You’ll have to go through the Stored Communications Act first… (Zelle Hofmann Voelbel & Mason)

Not that we’re advocating office romance, but the marriage between a CEO and a Chief Compliance Officer is a match made in heaven… (Michael Volkov)

Want to save $1.7 million? Don’t disclose protected health information… (Davis Wright Tremaine)

Three guesses as to the countries targeted by US sanctions during Q2 (hint: Iran, North Korea, Syria, and Sudan…) (Shearman & Sterling)

Are proxy advisory firms too influential? SEC Commissioner Daniel Gallagher thinks they might be… (Leonard, Street and Deinard)

Think different, indeed… Judge rules Apple conspired to eliminate price competition when it entered the e-book market (Cohen & Gresser)

The Obamacare Health Insurance Mandate has generated a massive amount of IT work and required more technological change than possibly any other federal law to date… (Pillsbury Global Sourcing Practice)

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