JD Supra Corporate Brief: Unsigned Agreements, Data Protection, Consumer Products, George Costanza

Go on – shake it up a little. Read the JD Supra Corporate Brief from the bottom up:

Everything you always wanted to know about data protection laws of the world: a 365-page handbook (DLA Piper)

Should the average business give a .crap about the new generic Top Level Domains? (Field Law)

“A signature is not always essential to the binding force of an agreement.” Now you know… (Brooks Pierce)

The world keeps getting smaller: the intellectual property offices of China and Korea just signed up to use the Cooperative Patent Classification system launched by Europe and the US earlier this year (MBHB)

Consumer product companies can never be too careful when it comes to warning customers about potential risks and benefits of their products. (Morrison & Foerster)

Bob Dylan + Rolling Stones = a ruling in favor of excess insurers? (Sedgwick)

Want to avoid FCPA criminal liability? Be like George Costanza… (Michael Volkov)

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