JD Supra Corporate Brief: Whistleblower Award, Chinese Investments, Online Privacy, Compliance Commitments

What’s black and white and read all over? Why, the JD Supra Corporate Brief, of course!

So the $14 million was a tip for … a good tip? (K&L Gates)

What Chinese companies need and where they’re going to find it… (Corporate Law Report)

Does California’s amended online privacy law mean we all have to change our privacy policies? (Looper Reed)

Is your CEO committed to compliance? Here’s how to find out… (Michael Volkov)

California just reduced its Section 409A income tax… (Skadden)

The importance of compliance with the new Telephone Consumer Protection Act regulations cannot be overstated… (Perkins Coie)

The first commandment of surviving a CFTC investigation: thou shalt not lie… (Leonard, Street and Deinard)

Wait – OSHA is handing out whistleblower awards, too? (Proskauer)

All’s quiet on the sanctions front – during the Third Quarter, at least… (Shearman & Sterling)

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