JD Supra Corporate Law: China Princelings, Ethical Practices, FRAND Disputes, Venture Financings

Wednesdays get a raw deal: the spelling / pronunciation discord, the embarrassing “hump day” nickname, those orphaned mid-week holidays… But it’s not all bad – they also get their own JD Supra Corporate Brief:

So what’s the big deal about hiring “princelings” in China, anyway? (Michael Volkov)

As it turns out, a state insurance commissioner’s “non-binding” opinion has no effect in court… (Lane Powell)

Corporations can use social media to promote ethical practices. Here’s how… (NAVEX Global)

What does President Obama’s veto of the ITC Apple ruling mean for future FRAND disputes? (King & Spalding)

The IP litigator trifecta: patent fight + gaming device + appeals court ruling. Get your geek on… (Jeffer Mangels Butler & Mitchell)

What does the relationship between the CFTC and FERC look like? $28 million… (Leonard, Street and Deinard)

“Pay-or-play” penalties aside, there are still plenty of ACA deadlines for large employers in the coming months… (Snell & Wilmer)

SEC changes to broker-dealer net capital and financial responsibility rules explained… (Shearman & Sterling)

Here’s an in-depth look at Silicon Valley venture financings in the second quarter (Fenwick & West)

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