Q: What Caused JP Morgan’s $2 Billion Loss? [Video]

A: It depends who you ask…

For more on JP Morgan’s recent trading loss (and what might have caused it), watch this lively debate between Chris Whalen, Senior Managing Director at Tangent Capital Partners, and Jeff Madrick, Senior Fellow at the Roosevelt Institute.

Choice quotes:

  • Whalen: “”The calls for more regulation and the implementation of the Volcker Rule itself may have contributed to this fiasco…”
  • Madrick: “Separating the activity from plain, vanilla banking would make a difference. Is ‘too big to fail the problem?’ I’m not so sure…”

Lee Pacchia at Bloomberg Law hosts a terrific debate on financial regulation; listen to two insider points of view in this video interview.

[Link: Whalen: Too Much Regulation Caused JP Morgan $2 Billion Loss – Bloomberg Law]