Topic: Breaks and Meal Periods

California Supreme Court Rules Against Attorney Fee Awards in Meal and Rest Break Lawsuits

First Brinker, now Kirby? The California Supreme Court recently gave employers in the state what could amount to another break on meal and rest break disputes. In Kirby v. Immoos Fire Protection, the Court held that attorney’s fees may not be awarded under the California Labor Code to a party that prevails on a claim… Read more »

Wage and Hour Lawsuits: What Could They Cost You?

“… Pennsylvania’s Superior Court upheld a jury verdict of $187.6 million against retail giant, Walmart, Inc. in part for denying employee’s meal and rest periods as promised in their employee handbooks. Walmart’s violation regarding breaks and meal periods was not statutory but rather contractual.” (From Walmart’s Employee Handbook Cost them $187.6 Million; What Could Your… Read more »