Topic: Bribery

Private Equity and the FCPA: Time to Get Serious About Corruption

“The private equity industry is the latest target of an unprecedented explosion in Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (“FCPA”) enforcement by U.S. regulators. As the industry expands to emerging markets overseas and faces new Dodd-Frank regulations, private equity firms and hedge funds are under heightened scrutiny from the Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange… Read more »

Global Compliance and the FCPA: 15 Years for Bribery; UK Bribery Act; and More

The fight against global bribery and corruption just got real: in late October, former president of Terra Telecommunications Joel Esquenazi was sentenced to an unprecedented 15 years in prison for his role in the bribery of Haitian government officials in violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.  “This sentence – the longest sentence ever imposed… Read more »

3 International Law Updates from the Department of “What Were They Thinking?”

For your weekend reading pleasure, this just on from the International Department of “What Were They Thinking?” -» – Telecom Executive Sentenced to 4 Years in Prison for Violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (Morrison & Foerster): “Last Wednesday, a United States District Court judge in the Southern District of Florida sentenced the former… Read more »