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IP Law Roundup: Google Adwords Redux, Louis Vuitton & UPENN & Hyundai, USPTO Pilot Program, Malpractice Claims…

We’ve been itching to put together a new roundup of Intellectual Property Law advisories — a number of interesting updates have passed through JD Supra over the last few days and we’ve wanted to capture them for you. But before we get on with it, let’s all say out loud together (speak up in the… Read more »

5 Ongoing Legal Issues for Nonprofit Boards

According to the National Center for Charitable Statistics, there are more than 1.5 million nonprofit and tax-exempt organizations operating in the United States, from charities to industry associations to religious institutions. But whatever their structure or purpose, such organizations need to understand – and respond to – key legal and regulatory issues that are unique… Read more »

Indian Patent Office Grants Compulsory License for Generic Version of Bayer’s Nexavar

On March 12, 2012, India’s Patent Office granted Indian drug manufacturer Natco Pharma a compulsory license to sell a generic version of Bayer AG’s kidney and liver cancer drug Nexavar. It’s the first time an Indian company has been granted a compulsory license under the Indian Patent Act of 2005, the law which allows the… Read more »

Supreme Court Remands Myriad Following Rejection of Prometheus Patents

When a unanimous Supreme Court earlier this month rejected Prometheus’ claims that isolated DNA sequences are patentable (see Mayo v. Prometheus: SCOTUS Issues Landmark IP Law Opinion), many wondered if the diagnostic testing patents held by Myriad Genetics would meet a similar fate. It took less than one week to get the answer. On March… Read more »

Stop Online Piracy Act: What Does SOPA Mean For Businesses?

We reported earlier this month on SOPA: the Stop Online Piracy Act, currently being considered in the House of Representatives, and its Senate equivalent, the Protect IP Act (also known as the E-PARASITE Act, just to add to the confusion).  Critics of the proposed legislation (which now include the European Union) may be gaining the upper… Read more »

SOPA? E-PARASITE Act? Whatever It’s Called, Here’s A Primer on the Latest in Protect IP

[UPDATE: See also Stop Online Piracy Act: What Does SOPA Mean For Businesses?] “The Protect IP Act is a proposed bill making its way through the Senate as S. 978 that aims to curb online counterfeiting, among other things… While the Protect IP Act’s stated goals are beyond dispute —to prevent the online sale of counterfeit… Read more »

Trade Secrets, IP Protection, TianRui, and the ITC: It’s a Small(er) World, After All

“Overseas manufacturers have long known that their products manufactured abroad can be excluded from importation into the U.S. if they infringe U.S. patents, trademarks or copyrights. But a new decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has expanded the list of acts that can result in the exclusion of articles from… Read more »

Corporate Law Updates: Top News Feeds for the Month

For your interest, here’s a look at the five most-visited corporate law feeds on JD Supra over the past thirty days: 1. Labor & Employment Law  Updates on…  employee misclassification and the IRS settlement program, the NLRB poster rule, social media in the workplace, I-9 audits and the E-Verify program, and more from Akerman Senterfitt;… Read more »

Doing Business in China: M&A Security Review, Competitive Influence, Counterfeits, Info Protection, and More

For your reference, a roundup of recent China-related business updates and legal commentary, including analysis of two important sets of rules issued earlier this month by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce. From lawyers and law firms on JD Supra: Provisions on the Implementation of the Security Review System for Mergers and Acquisitions of Domestic Enterprises… Read more »

Brand Protection in the News: 5 Interesting Trademark Law Updates

For your interest, here are five noteworthy trademark law updates touching upon always-important issues of Brand Protection: 1. .XXX marks the spot: you’ve got less than two months to stop your brand from becoming the star of an adult entertainment site. “ICM Registry, the company tapped by ICANN to manage the .XXX domain registry, will start… Read more »

Myriad Genetics Ruling That DNA Is Patent-Eligible

We’re seeing significant interest in the Myriad Genetics case, Association for Molecular Pathology v. U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, following the July 29, 2011, Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit ruling that isolated DNA are patent-eligible subject matter. We’ll continue to update this reading list as additional commentary and analysis comes in: A Non-infringing… Read more »

Intellectual Property Insurance: A Resource List

Learn what lawyers on JD Supra are writing about the nature and benefits of insuring your intellectual property. IP Insurance- What IP Attorneys Need to Know (Maureen Veterano) An introduction to IP insurance coverage and overview of the policies currently available. Read more » Opportunities for Insurance Coverage in Intellectual Property Disputes (Loeb & Loeb LLP) “In this… Read more »