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Stop Online Piracy Act: What Does SOPA Mean For Businesses?

We reported earlier this month on SOPA: the Stop Online Piracy Act, currently being considered in the House of Representatives, and its Senate equivalent, the Protect IP Act (also known as the E-PARASITE Act, just to add to the confusion).  Critics of the proposed legislation (which now include the European Union) may be gaining the upper… Read more »

SOPA? E-PARASITE Act? Whatever It’s Called, Here’s A Primer on the Latest in Protect IP

[UPDATE: See also Stop Online Piracy Act: What Does SOPA Mean For Businesses?] “The Protect IP Act is a proposed bill making its way through the Senate as S. 978 that aims to curb online counterfeiting, among other things… While the Protect IP Act’s stated goals are beyond dispute —to prevent the online sale of counterfeit… Read more »