The Global Economic Outlook According to Bennett Jones: Cloudy with a Chance of Moderate Growth

From Richard Dion, David Dodge, and John Weekes of law firm Bennett Jones, a look at where the global economy is headed, how US monetary policy will affect our ability to get there, and the current state of international trade and trade negotiations. Some observations:

  • In the short term the road will be bumpy, with lackluster growth in China, a slowly-improving Europe, and relatively robust private sector growth in the US
  • Key risks include political disputes over EU economic policy, weaker growth in China, and financial turbulence brought about by changes in US monetary policy
  • Global growth should accelerate in 2014-2015 but to still moderate rates
  • Fiscal drag should continue as governments around the world work to reduce deficits

Read the full report:

[Link: Bennett Jones Fall 2013 Economic Outlook – Bennett Jones LLP]

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