Trade Compliance Handbook

Law firm Thompson Coburn has produced a comprehensive guide to compliance with United States trade laws for general counsel and others in the business of importing and exporting products, technology, and services. Of particular note are the 33-page “dictionary of trade terms” (from “ACE” to “Zone Status”), and in-depth summaries of the import and export trade compliance process and procedures:

“Generally speaking, the export and reexport of items (which may include products, technology and/or services) from the United States to a foreign country or to a foreign person within the United States (“deemed export”) is governed by one of three U.S. government export control regimes. Determining which regime or regimes apply to your export transaction is the most important first step when considering export controls. See Commodity Jurisdiction. Additionally, the specifics of the applicable export control depend on the nature of the item being exported, the destination country, the identity of the recipient, and the intended end use of the item.”

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