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Welcome to the reindeer edition of JD Supra’s Corporate Law Report, a look at some of the top corporate news items we are monitoring right now. You know the drill:

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1. ON: Mobile App Privacy Policies:

“Fly Delta” May Get Grounded by California Attorney General – Mintz Levin Privacy & Security Matters

“The complaint against Delta serves as a reminder that, in addition to worrying about whether you have too many liquids to get through security, you should also be concerned about whether your app complies with federal and state privacy laws…”

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2. ON: the First Sale Doctrine

[Video] The First Sale Doctrine Under Copyright Law Update – Kirtsaeng v. John Wiley & Sons – Farella Braun + Martell

“The ‘first sale doctrine’ is what allows used book stores and used CD stores to exist. With the growth of the global economy and cross-border transactions (and the Internet), this is a big issue that is being closely watched by companies in the secondary markets, including online retailers and auctions, and copyright holders…”

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3. ON: FCPA Compliance & Human Resources

A Clear Illustration of How HR & Employment Law Best Practices Intersect With Compliance – Proskauer Whistleblower Defense

“Given that whistleblower litigation is on the rise and often implicates sensitive compliance issues, including FCPA issues, corporate employment counsel and HR professionals should understand and participate in the implementation of the following aspects of the Guide…”

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4. ON: SEC Insider Trading Enforcement Actions

SEC Is “Here to Stay” On Insider Trading – Orrick Securities Litigation

“According to the SEC’s statistics, it has brought 58 enforcement actions for insider trading in 2012, the second-highest total in the last ten years and the most in any year since 2008.  Those numbers confirm that the SEC really is “here to stay” on insider trading…”

Remote Tippee Issues Hang over SEC/Wells Fargo Insider Trading Case – David Smyth, Brooks Pierce

“Here is the question for me: will the SEC be able to show that Burgess, Hayes, and Raby knew that Femenia received an associated benefit in exchange for his tips to Hegedus? It seems entirely possible that that will be difficult to prove. They might not even have known Femenia’s name or where any information they received from Williams came from…”

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5. ON: The 2013 Proxy Season

2013 Proxy Season Advisory Firm Voting Guidelines: Latest Need-to-Know

“In advance of the 2013 proxy season, Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS), Glass Lewis, and other advisory firms have announced their voting guidelines for upcoming shareholder meetings. For your reference, here’s a look at the key issues…”

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THE Final Word:

Who Owns Your Company’s Social Media? Are You Sure? – Daniel Schwartz, Pullman & Comley

“Consider requiring employees who use social media as part of their job to agree that the company owns the account.  Employers could, for example, ask for login and password information on specific accounts too…”

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